Cinema41 Live Blogs The Oscars!


Because in this technological world we live in, I can drink in one hand, type with the other, and watch this parade of pomp and circumstance with BOTH of my eyes at the same time! There’s not too much for me to set up here, you know the score, you know the hype, and all that’s missing from your sad and lonely life is what I think about it all. It’ll fill a great human need!

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Get Inside INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS With This New Trailer

A new Coens Bros. film is always reason to celebrate, and this trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis is no different. After hitting it bigger than ever with their remake of True Grit, the Brothers are returning to a smaller scope–one that might not be as impenetrable as A Serious Man, but certainly seems to share a spiritual link with it.

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May the Mystery Box be With You: JJ Abrams to Direct ‘Episode VII’


Two suns means twice the lens flare!

With Disney absolutely locked in on having the first part of their new Star Wars trilogy out by 2015, we all knew an announcement as to who would be running the show had to be coming post haste. Honestly, I’m surprised they waited this long, as to get a film of this size out by two Mays from now they need to start casting yesterday. Many directors hovered around, we know for sure two directors were approached but turned it down (Guillermo Del Toro and Brad Bird, both off doing their own projects), but now the smoke has cleared, the dust has settled, and we have confirmation that JJ Abrams is on board to helm Episode VII.

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Cinema41’s Greg Clark Live Blogs the Oscar Nominations!

Sure, it may be a pointless exercise of industry back-patting that serves political motives rather than any kind of true barometer of quality, but you know what? Screw it. One bag of cotton candy a year, one cigar a year, a single day of indulgence isn’t going to kill you, and for whatever reason I’ll come up with later, the Oscars is my cheat day. And since one of Cinema41’s 2013 resolutions is to make more use of this blog and your attention, won’t you join me in an early morning chocolate bar and watch the nominations roll out?

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It has often been said for generations that family is the tie that binds us all together. No matter where we might roam, no matter who we might meet, success, failures, we all always have some kind of family to come home to. Whatever face we put on for the world to see, those that grew up around us know the real one.  It is our safety net, our security blanket, a place we can always go back to (even if it’s not a physical spot). It’s not limited to actual genetics, either; no matter how strange the person, how outside one might feel, we all find places to belong and people to belong with. Those become our families. We all have a unit. Read the full post »

The Return of Whit Stillman and his “Damsels in Distress”

This past October the Austin Film Festival screened Whit Stillman’s 1990 debut, “Metropolitan,” to a packed house at the Alamo Ritz, with Stillman in attendance. Having never heard of the film, much less seen it, the screening was a revelation for me. I was struck by how nostalgic the portrait of 1970’s New York was; the holiday, orchestra, and piano-based music, the lighting, and costume design perfectly complimenting the tale of a lower-class urbanite briefly infiltrating the world and ranks of a close-knit group of upper-class socialites.

Admittedly the premise on paper didn’t really strike me as something that would interest, much less entertain me, but the script was so intelligent and witty, and the performances so strong that I couldn’t help but be engrossed by it all. To find out after the film that it was made by the same man behind 1998’s equally wonderful, “The Last Days of Disco” (a film that I was actually familiar with), was both amusing and fitting. It’s been nearly 14 years since that film was in theaters and Whit Stillman has finally returned with another “comedy of manners,” Sony Pictures Classics’ recently acquired, “Damsels in Distress.”

Filmed in Bronxville, New York, “Damsels” stars Indie “It-Girl” (or modern day Chloë Sevigny if you prefer) Greta Gerwig as the leader of a trio of girls pro-actively (in their eyes) working to change their college environment plagued by “male barbarism,” naive female freshmen, and suicidal classmates. Based on the trailer it seems like it will retain Stillman’s passion for dry high-minded wit, while adding touches of dark-comedy and whimsy. It kind of looks like “Clueless” by way of “The Rules of Attraction.” The cast also includes Adam Brody, Analeigh Tipton, and Aubrey Plaza. “Damsels” was the closing night film at the 2011 Venice Film Festival and received positive reviews, there is still no American release date yet, though rumors suggest early March.

Bobcat Goldthwait’s ‘God Bless America’ Takes Aim at…Everyone

Bobcat Goldthwait is the most unlikely madman director we all should have seen coming. His early stand-up was always raw, but when it came to mainstream projects, he quickly became an almost insufferable punchline in and of himself. His loud mouth buffoon voice became a symbol of 90s comedy doldrums, where Andrew Dice Clay and Pauly Shore tried to sell us on the idea that talking funny and acting dumb was enough to achieve success. How bad was it? His best non-stand up project in the 90s was voicing a horny stuffed rabbit on Unhappily Ever After. Read the full post »